Blonde.Angel by Kevin Murphy

A treatment conditioner to moisturize and soften bleached, highlighted and grey hair. Colour enhancers refresh and repair brassy and yellowed blonde tones. For blonde or grey hair. Paraben free.

Colour enhancer
Revive and brighten blonde or grey hair
Refresh bleached or highlighted hair
Moisturising and repairing
Paraben free

Sunflower Seed Extracts
Sunflower Seed Extracts avoid the stripping of colour from the hair. These extracts act as a natural sunscreen that guard against colour fade and brassiness

Olive Oil Extracts:
Hydrates, restores and repairs. A natural anti oxidant; it promotes shine and elasticity. It is rich in biotin, niacin, Vitamins A and E

Lavender Flower:
Lavender flower is a natural anti oxidant known for its moisturizing, cleansing and balancing qualities

Jojoba Seed Extracts:
Penetrates deep into the follicle shaft to strengthen protein bonds and improve the follicle’s flexibility and elasticity. This ensures that the hair is able to retain moisture by adding body and volume while reducing breaking and splitting

Brazil Nut Extracts:
Form a protective layer on the hair blocking evaporation, and promoting a long lasting silkiness. Rich in Vitamin E to help moisturize and smooth the hair while preventing dryness

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